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Son of Laredo

By Clarence Ashby Presley of Charlottesville VA

Twas years and years and years ago
I met, and liked and came to know
A young Tex/Mex with carefree aire
Predict a future - Who would dare?

Just the barest basic chords
Hill-billy verse or western word
He grasped, devoured and spat them out
As smooth and silken Latin - south.

Time passes by the east coast calls
To Bethesda's stately hallowed halls
His tour was pocked with incident

Then war: Korea: And off he went.
Oh no, the time was not forgot
We drank and danced & yelled a lot
And wound up in Tijuan's jail
"Amigo, no peso, no bail"

Eight twelve and big Ten Fifty Two
The swesome dare, he'd take it too
Grenades and arms & Tiger booze
They'd take that hill, they couldn't lose.

His badge of bravery; Fifty two
Then Charlie Med and I went too
Where'eer he'd go I was his double
Were I to keep him out of trouble

Our tour is over, "Frisco" bound
Aboard the Weegil pound for pound
The slowest, smallest , dirtiest boat
The U.S. Navy had a float.

The "Chili Bean" she won his heart
Ventricular wound by Cupid's dart
For them two daughters, also came
Perpetuator of the name

His daring feats in Far East Lands
They hailed him "Ichiban Japan"
Then HMC and cum laude SEAL
This cat's far out, this cat ain't real.

To Vietnam, A volunteer
Test his mettle, must endure
Put his all, flat on the line
Pinned a hero time and time

I don't believe it, now a nurse
His blessings now were once his curse
Wanted, studied, dared applied
Physician Assistant, Certified.

To Matamoros Mexico
This man once tagged as just "Yo Yo"
Still clims the eer ascending tree
His goal "A Doc", That's right M.D.

I hail "YO YO" the dearest friend
From '48 until the end
I cheerish all the yesterday
Stand beside him come what may.

The truth; his meteroic rise
His heart to one of wisdom wise
His latest patch, once never trod
His tutor, mentor, friend; His God.

Bless You Erasmo
22, Mar 1983
C.A. "The Rip" Presley, HMC USN (Ret)

Note :Presley and I were in the same draft sent to korea.During Rip's and my tour of the front lines in the Korean Conflict, my platoon marines nicknamed me "Yo-Yo" because they would holler C - o - r- p - m - a - n ! i would run from one to the next like a "Yo-Yo." Best group of gung-ho USMC grunts that i had the honor to do "korea shore duty" with.

My best friend The Rip, is presently hospitalized in Charlottesville VA in a home for Alzheimers Patients. The eamil to the home the nurses will give him a message.Do send your phone number and have Presley call you collect. God Bless my hero Clarence Ashby Presley, the musician and poet.

Korea and Vietnam War Veteran.

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