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Jesse"The Body" Ventura many of his books by Erasmo "Doc" Riojas




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Jesse "The Body" Ventura's  BOOKS
Past Governor of Minnesota

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                               Jesse Ventura & Erasmo"Doc"Riojas


                           Seven Rules for the Team Leader

In Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior, I shared my personal leadership code, the seven rules that kept me focused on the mission and my team through more ass-puckering situations than I care to count. Here they are:

• I will test my theories on myself first. I will be my own guinea pig.

• I will be totally committed to what I believe, and I will risk all that I have for these beliefs.

• I will back my subordinates all the way when they take reasonable risks to help me achieve my goals.

• I will not punish my people for making mistakes. I'll only punish them for not learning from their mistakes.

• I will not be afraid to take action, because I know that almost any action is better than inaction. And I know that sometimes not acting is the boldest action of all.

• I will always make it crystal clear where I stand and what I believe.

• I will always be easy to find: I will be at the center of the battle.

In Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior, each chapter was dedicated to one of those commandments.      

article from The REAL TEAM by Richard Marcinco (SEAL)                                                                                        

Jesse Ventura "The Body"& Richard Marcinko "Rogue Warrior"
Two U.S.Navy SEALs



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